New York City is constantly in fluxindustries change, neighborhoods evolve. Only a few butchers operate in Manhattan’s Meatpacking district today, cruise ships dock on Red Hook’s long-abandoned waterfront and green businesses grow in the South Bronx. Other industries at the cusp of change: car parts shops, independent pharmacies and ethnic travel agencies. Industry NYC takes a look at how some of the city’s industries deal with change.


Azriel James Relph and Chris Prentice: “The greening of the South Bronx”

Aaron Adler and Graham Kates: “Where’s the beef?”

Ines Bebea and Carl Gaines: “Standing firm against Goliath”

Meagan Morris and Almudena Toral: “In Citi Field’s shadow, junk yards still thrive”

Jessica Dailey and Vivian Doskow: “The revival of a waterfront”

Katie Honan and Erin McCarthy: “It pays to specialize”

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Green industry

The greening of the South Bronx

The greening of the South Bronx

New Businesses are Blooming Where Buildings Once Burned by Chris Prentice ...